Friday, May 12, 2006

boston, you've got a long way to go

debra cash posts about the state of nudity in boston dance on the
wbur blog.
i guess in cambridge, we're a little better off.
iris fanger wrote of the piece in question (caitlin corbett's yield)in the globe:
"A new duet called ''Yield," for Nicole Pierce and Victor Tiernan, set to the music of Ray Charles, did not proceed as advertised. In an apologetic pre-curtain speech, Corbett explained the dance was meant to be topless because she wanted to explore issues of gender equality while celebrating the human body. But last week her host, Boston University, said that female nudity violated the school's agreement with the city for an entertainment license. ''Pasties would be allowed," she was told, but Corbett declined. No matter. Tiernan appeared bare-chested, Pierce wore a bra, and the two strong dancers touched and lifted each other, trading balances in mirror fashion to convey Corbett's intentions."


Blogger fwc said...

blithely breaking laws, however archaic they may be, in the name of "art" shouldn't be permitted any more than we would permit an individual on the street to break them. there are well-established avenues for getting laws changed, and breaking them is def. not one of them. it annoys me when people try to pass off simple law enforcement as censorship.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Clara said...

You may be interested in this San Francisco Bay Area company, in which a friend of mine is performing:
The company also offers naked modern dance classes.

10:16 AM  

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