Sunday, April 23, 2006

ideas in motion 2006 - again

being in the audience at last night's ideas in motion and last week's critical moves performances gave me some hope that things might actually change in this city dance-wise. both of these evenings showed works that were more on "the cutting edge" than what is typically seen in boston. somehow having this work here might give visibility to other boston-based artists that are doing quality work that, despite not being "cutting edge", is worth some notice.
gauging by the quality of the questions asked at both of these performances, i would say that the audiences seemed both engaged and ready to see more.
by far, the hit of the evening was the piece by bridgman/packer dance. not only was it technologically stunning, but it had a sense of emotion and purpose that had value beyond technically wizardry. maybe working together for so long (28 years) is one of the reasons why the work seems to stand despite the use of video. i had similar feelings (less so, but similar) when i saw last week's pieces by terese freedman and jim coleman. the ideas seem to come first, and then the technology is worked in--not the other way around.


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