Monday, September 11, 2006

Evolution of Expressive Dance in Boston - Talk on 9.19

From the Cambridge Center for Adult Education Website:

Evolution of Expressive Dance in Boston

September 19
7:00 pm | $10
42 Brattle Street

Culture Builders is an ongoing series of talks by members of our community who have made a significant positive difference in our cultural climate. Our fall lecture and reception are presented in collaboration with the Boston Dance Alliance.

“Sitting in New York theatres you get the idea that there is no dance in America outside New York worth talking about. The program of Miriam Winslow at the Brooklyn Academy of Music now has banished that idea for good. Miriam Winslow is not from New York but from Boston. And she is worth talking about.”

— “Dips and Whirls This Week”
in the Columbia Spectator, December 21, 1934. When did expressive dance first take root in Boston? While much is known about the growth of other art forms in Boston, little research has focused on Boston’s dance pioneers or the role they played in the growth of expressive dance. Dr. Jody Weber has uncovered a marvelous and interesting history of expressive dance in Boston and the movements that shaped its rise. She will introduce local figures in 19th century Boston whose work promoted new visions of health and beauty for urban populations and will also discuss the introduction of American Delsartism in Boston, the first school of expressive movement founded by the Italian Braggiotti sisters, the arrival of German influences through the work of Hans Wiener, and the convergence of ideas expressed through the work of Miriam Winslow in the 1930s.

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