Sunday, June 10, 2007

bill t wins tony for spring awakening choreography

here he is talking a bit about the process
on you tube

and an article in the ny times

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Review of Lorraine Chapman and Snappy

A review of Snappy Dance (which I didn't see) and Lorraine Chapman came out in the Phoenix:
Review by Marcia Siegel

Sunday, June 03, 2007

starting again

i think i will try writing this blog again. mainly, i stopped writing because i felt very disillusioned with dance and where it was going. i can't say that my feelings on that have changed, but i still keep seeing dance nonetheless. maybe that means something.

may is dance month in cambridge, so i have been a bit oversaturated.

i work for anna myer, so of course i saw that.
globe review

i also saw caitlin corbett (technically in april) and lorraine chapman.
all three, boston-based companies.

what i realized from these performances is that largely i like dance based on whether or not i would be embarassed to dance the choreography myself. for these three, which is largely not the case, i wouldn't be.

Monday, November 13, 2006

critical moves - nov 17-18

the last one of these was excellent...
for more info, see the critical moves website

Critical Moves Contemporary Dance
diverse, innovative, personal, vital NEW dance works

featuring New York City and Boston-based artists
Ryuji Yamaguchi
Wendy Jehlen
Digby Dance
Kairos Dance Theatre (Ingrid Schatz & DeAnna Pellecchia)
Ruth Bronwen
Deborah Butler/Kitsune Butoh w/ live Shakohachi by Phil Nyokai James

Friday & Sat, November 17 & 18th
8:00 p.m.

@Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street, Central Square Cambridge, MA
Call 617-864-3191 for reservations (strongly recommended)
or buy at the door (cash/check only)

$18 general admission; $15 students and members of Boston Dance Alliance.

For more information contact:
alissa@kinodance. org

Sunday, October 29, 2006

deerhoof does ballet?

if you know deerhoof, you know this couldn't be your typical in school residency.
only in maine (the way life should be).
for more info and pictures, see pitchfork.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Evolution of Expressive Dance in Boston - Talk on 9.19

From the Cambridge Center for Adult Education Website:

Evolution of Expressive Dance in Boston

September 19
7:00 pm | $10
42 Brattle Street

Culture Builders is an ongoing series of talks by members of our community who have made a significant positive difference in our cultural climate. Our fall lecture and reception are presented in collaboration with the Boston Dance Alliance.

“Sitting in New York theatres you get the idea that there is no dance in America outside New York worth talking about. The program of Miriam Winslow at the Brooklyn Academy of Music now has banished that idea for good. Miriam Winslow is not from New York but from Boston. And she is worth talking about.”

— “Dips and Whirls This Week”
in the Columbia Spectator, December 21, 1934. When did expressive dance first take root in Boston? While much is known about the growth of other art forms in Boston, little research has focused on Boston’s dance pioneers or the role they played in the growth of expressive dance. Dr. Jody Weber has uncovered a marvelous and interesting history of expressive dance in Boston and the movements that shaped its rise. She will introduce local figures in 19th century Boston whose work promoted new visions of health and beauty for urban populations and will also discuss the introduction of American Delsartism in Boston, the first school of expressive movement founded by the Italian Braggiotti sisters, the arrival of German influences through the work of Hans Wiener, and the convergence of ideas expressed through the work of Miriam Winslow in the 1930s.

For more information and to register.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

danish dance theatre @ the pillow

danish dance theatre
jacob's pillow, duke
july 28, 2006

i went in to this performance with high expectations and the second piece on the program, kridt (chalk), lived up to them.

i think jennifer dunning said it best in her review:
"Mr. Rushton has managed to say something fresh about dying."
this is the second time this company has brought me literally to tears.
the press photos give a better sense of the piece than my description would.
here is the globe review.

the first piece, silent steps, was definitely good, but it just didn't have the same depth and intensity as kridt.